Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Bike Ride

We rode the bike to the trail head where there is a small park. Butterbean loves to slide on the wavy slide. Although she did get a little bored on the ride over, it was worth the trip. We stopped at the "quickstop" (a southern term for gas station). Butterbean got a sherbet and I got a water. I contemplated getting an energy bar or beef jerky, but did not want to pay the price in both dollars and points.
We hopped back on the bike and rode home. Both of us tired, she started whining about half way home. I stopped the bike and threatened to leave her home next time if she didn't stop. She did, and before I knew it she was telling me that the rhythmic humming of the bike chain sounded like music. She sang "Mary Had a Little Lamb" for a mile or so. She was asleep by the time we turned onto our street.
Total distance today 8 miles.
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  1. Hi Lori,
    What creative mind she has? Bike chain which sounded like music.. That's really imaginative. Which again proves that mind can overcome any aspect of our body. Keep the mind occupy and she din even realize she had already rode a mile without whining. Works for everyone. Looks like you too had a great ride at the park. Till then. Take care!