Thursday, May 28, 2009


Everyday on my way to work, I pass by this old nursery in Lacombe. The buildings and greenhouses are in disrepair and the plants that were left there are overgrown. While I would love to “tour” this lovely old place, the six foot chain-link fence and my fear of snakes keep me out.

This abandoned garden center amazes me. Each season, some new plant is blooming. The azaleas bloomed in the spring time. As spring gives way to summer, there’s a hibiscus with white petals and magenta centers that blooms the size of a dinner plate. Pink roses fill the fencerow in summer. As the weather cools, the camellias begin blooming. What a beautiful show of colors year round this little run down spot along the highway gives passersby. And I wonder. I wonder about the former owners. Who were the people who lovingly planted these plants? Who now owns this property and why do they let it grow wild like it is?

Then I look at my little garden that I spend countless hours weeding and caring for and think about the master gardener in our lives. I think about how He created this world for His pleasure. I think about how He lovingly cares for us daily.