Thursday, September 3, 2009

Food Find! Dove Miniatures Ice Cream

I have a new secret pleasure! Actually, it isn't so secret if I'm sharing with Butterbean and blogging about it. Yum! My daughter and I found these at Wal-Mart. They are individually wrapped, so perfect portion control! The serving size is 5 pieces, but one is just enough for a chocolate fix. Sixty calories, four grams of fat and one gram of fiber makes them one point wonders!

They also sell a milk chocolate variety pack that has vanilla and chocolate chips, but I'm dark chocolate kind of gal.

Butterbean and I both like the ones with chocolate ice cream the best. What is your secret pleasure?


  1. Ahhhh...Dove..."anything" is my absolute weakness. It's why I gained weight in the first place. Until I lose my weight, we may have to be separated for awhile.

  2. I love Dove!! Another ice cream treat I've recently discovered is Klondike "Slim" Ice Cream Sandwiches. They only have 100 calories, and are really delicious!

    I'm going to look for those Doves though. Yum.

  3. Mmm…those really look and sound delicious! I’m glad you found something for a nice treat. As for me--*big sigh here*--there’s just no way I can keep anything like that in the house. I know myself well enough to admit that having that one little bite would soon turn into the whole darn box. :-/