Sunday, September 6, 2009

Junk Drawers Every Where!

One of the ladies in my church has a daughter just 5 months older than my sweet lil one and the other day her child was wearing the cutest little pillowcase dress. I found this lovely blog by Susan Petersen with information on how to make a pillowcase dress. Anyway, the one my friend's little girl had on was black with gold ribbons, a perfect little New Orleans Saints dress! So, I decided I had to do this too. I found an adorable print pillowcase at Dollar General today. (Did I say that I wasn't going shopping yesterday? Well, I had to anyway, because Butterbean has lost all but her black patent leather church shoes. I ended up at the grocery too, because we can't go all week without milk.) Anyway, I got home and got out the sewing machine and found ribbons that would match and started setting up to sew. I realized that the foot of my machine is missing. I remember my dear child playing with it at some point in the past year and taking it away from her. I remember putting it in a junk drawer for safe keeping, but for the life of me, I can't find it! I actually ended up running to a sewing store and spending $5 on a new one. I did get the dress made as you can see from the picture of my little one. I used ribbons instead of the bias tape, but the concept is the same.

My problem lies in the fact that I don't have just one junk draw; I have several! I have drawers, baskets, boxes and bins. Organization is a mystery to me! I read an article recently about organization and how it related to obesity. Yes, Organizing Guru Pet er Walsh has even written a book about how clutter makes you fat.
Watch CBS Videos Online I'm going to request his book from my local library and see what it says! Maybe I can tame the junk drawers!

On the other hand, Freud said that such disorganization, like obesity, can also be aggression towards others. So, maybe I'm just being aggressive toward my family? Nah, because my husband loves me fat and all. He doesn't love the clutter, but then again, he doesn't do anything to help get rid of it either.

So here is a little informal poll: Do you have a clutter problem along with your weight problem? Do you feel it is an aggressive act to be disorganized?


  1. Yes I have clutter issues as well as a wt problem. When I started my blog last month, I made it a goal to downsize both body and clutter over the next 18 months.
    I actually have Peter Walsh's book "Does this Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat" that I picked up on a bargain table at Borders a couple of months ago. Haven't started reading it yet, but sounds like I should!

  2. Me again. Forgot to answer you're other question: no, I don't think clutter is an act of aggression. I live alone - tho guess I could be acting out against myself. I DO believe that there are underlying emotional issues with hoarding/clutter and some of those issues maybe the same ones driving my overeating.
    After my first comment I started reading Walsh's book and it looks good.

  3. I agree with the doc :) I don't think clutter is an act of aggression, but there are issues behind every type of "behaviors." Ever see the show "hoarders?" Very interesting.

  4. Stop by my blog - I have a Lovely Blog Award for you! And since its virtual no clutter involved!

  5. YEs a clutter problem and weight problem! Very interesting! Would love his book. Hey I'm happy you were interested in an exercise challenge. I posted one today. If your still interested let me know and we can do it together! Have a great week!

  6. It's interesting you post this, because when I was morbidly obese I wasn't nearly as organized as I am now. (Not that I'm great now either!)

    I do wonder if there is a connection?

    By the way, I'm a seamstress too!

  7. I definitely have a clutter/organizational problem...but I'm not obese. But I'm losing weight and I still have the maybe the two for me aren't related. I have no idea what they mean about aggression.

  8. Hey way to go for commiting to the 21 days! We can do this! Looking forward to shrinking and making exercise a habit together! Good job in getting yours done for today!

  9. Just checking in to see how the exercising is going! 21 can do it!