Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lost 2.5 Pounds This Week!

I'm so excited! I got another 5 lb. Star! That makes a total of 41 lbs. doing Weight Watchers and 70 lbs. total! I also took a 8.56 mile bike ride.
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  1. That is so great!! 70 pounds is an awesome amount of weight to lose. I often thought as I was journeying down the scale, "If someone asked me to lift 70 pounds, I'd have a hard time."

    Great job!!

  2. i was thinking of starting weight watchers this week! i think having an actual weigh in to go to will really help me! how do you like ww?

    ps i love the name of your blog! i wish i could have thought of something more clever!

  3. Hey! Way to go! I started WW in January of 2007. Tomorrow at my WI I hope to get my next 5 lb. star, this time for hitting 75 pounds. Currently I am 8.6 lbs. away from goal. Keep up the great work! You CAN do it!! :)