Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recycled Wardrobe!

On Monday, Merry Perennial posted about the conflict we losers have with getting rid of all of our fat clothes while losing. So often, we have gained and lost and gained again that we hate to get rid of the clothes just to have to buy new fat clothes. Let me give you a hint...find someone bigger than you to give the clothes to or better yet, someone bigger who is on a weight loss journey too. Then go out and find someone who is your new size and on a WL journey to be friends with. :) You don't have the guilt of getting rid of clothes, because you gave them to someone who needs them and you can still be cheap because someone is giving you clothes. Win/Win! Except for the skinniest of your group who has to buy all the new clothes, so she can give her clothes to you! I'm in this exact triangle of sharing right now. I just wish that my friends had my taste in skinny friend is old enough to be my mom and my larger friend is a total tomboy. Oh well, the clothes are free!

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  1. I am doing the triangle of sharing now too. I have one sister that is bigger than me right now and one that is smaller so it works out perfect except the bigger sister wants all of the clothes I outgrow so she can use them as she loses weight. My smaller sister gives me clothes she doesn't want anymore and I have a stash from 2003 when I had lost 60 pounds and bought new clothes. I don't want to buy anything new until I get to my goal weight. I did buy 3 pairs of pants at Goodwill when I visited my grandmother. 3 pairs for $9! I thought that was a bargain.

    This time though I'm getting rid of all of my "fat" clothes. I never want to see them or be there again.