Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Vermiculture--Worms, Worms, Worms!

In October, I decided to start using more organic methods of raising my family's vegetable garden. Wanting to replace the chemical fertilizer, I studied up on compost, humus, manure, etc. I came across studies on vermiculture. I studied up on various types of worm bins and because of budget restraints, decided to do the old Rubbermade bin (only my Wal-Mart didn't sell Rubbermaid, so I had to get a cheaper kind).

I drilled holes in the sides and bottom, tore up countless amounts of cardboard, newspaper, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls. I probably should have put more holes in the bin, but my bugabo doesn't like the sound of the drill. Worms not only consume green kitchen scraps, but they also will turn paper into compost for the garden. Mine have consumed many credit card offers! Take that Chase Bank! What better way to protect your identity and your environment. I just shred and put junk mail into the worm bin.
Now it is December and I have fed, turned and cared for my worms for almost 3 months and the time is almost here to harvest them! I will take photos when I decide to do it, but until then keep reading!

One more photo of the worming process. This last photo was taken about two weeks after the bin was started. It is amazing how quickly these little guys turn trash into black gold. If you visit my myspace page you can check out the tags for more information.

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