Monday, December 3, 2007

Living the life of a Princess

It is what we all dream about right? From the time little girls are about two years old, their heads are filled with dreams of castles and tiaras. Prince Charming stealing a dance with us in the forrest as the animals look on and we sing "Some Day My Prince Will Come." (Big Sigh!)

As time passes, we grow up. Life comes at us and we start to realize that people look at you funny when you wear your tiara to Wal-Mart; your castle is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a toilet that clogs everytime someone puts more than one sheet of tissue in it; sometimes Prince Charming is late coming and when he does show up...he burps, farts, gets upset when you disturb him during a football game and has really bad breath in the morning.

So, where did the fairytale go? I'm still living it. Prince Charming, woodland creatures (worms live in the woods, don't they?) and my own little princess. No, it isn't what I dreamed of as a child, but it is what God gave me and I love it!

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