Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I was saved at the age of 3 at my parents' bedside one night in September. I don't have one of those exciting testimonies with tales of drinking and drugs, sex and rock and roll. My testimony is of a quiet moment shared with my mom and dad.
For a long time, I didn't think that I mattered in the Kingdom of God. I didn't have a rousing testimony that would bring sinners to their knees before my loving and forgiving God. Who would want to hear about a little girl praying the sinner's prayer at her parents' bedside? It just didn't have the Hollywood glamour of other people's testimonies.
But then I went to a funeral Saturday, Mrs. Barbara Clukey's funeral. As people spoke about this strong woman of faith, who spent countless hours in God's Word and prayer for friends and family. I realized how special her quiet testimony was. I don't know the how or when of her salvation experience, but I do know how she lived her life. I know that she was a prayer warrior. I know she loved people and gave of her time and talents to anyone she met. She loved God's word. Her deep desire to know the WHOLE Bible impressed me.
I realized that is the type of testimony I want to have. Not one with a Hollywood ending, but a quiet faith that spans the decades of my life. I want to be known by everyone that I meet as a follower of Christ. I don't want to stand on the great pulpits of our time and proclaim what a great sinner I was and how God changed my life. I just want people to know that God continues to work in my life day by day. I want people to look at my Bible when I a gone to Heaven and say, "Wow, she really wore this book out." I want people to know not who I was before Christ, but who I am because of Christ.
Most of all I want to be an example to Ellie. I want her to understand the principal that what is important isn't how much you sinned before you were saved, but what God does with your life after you are saved that matters.

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