Friday, February 12, 2010

Offically in Plateauville is official, I have hit a plateau. 10 weeks with plus or minus 2 lb weight gain/loss. My leader, Heather (AKA the world's greatest WW title for her), noticed that I was extra emotional during the meeting. She stopped me to find out what was up after the meeting. I told her I was frustrated, because I wasn't going any where lately. She looked at my book and declared...yup, I'm in Plateauville. Interestingly enough, my old leader showed up at our meeting this week too.

So, what to do? Heather suggested that I cut out all empty calories like the FiberPlus  and WW's bars and focus on "real" food. My old leader grabbed a WW's TurnAround Eating Guide and suggested that I focus on higher protein. So, I'm trying their suggestions.

My husband suggested that I up my exercise, but since I'm nursing a cold this week that is not happening.

I'm also wondering if the emotions might be due to PMS. Since I don't have regular periods, it is hard to know if or when one will happen. Lately, they have been coming more regular, twice within what would be considered a normal time frame. So, if it is going to show up on could happen in the next few days and that would explain my emotions...then again, it may not happen... Oh, well....

Well, here is what I'm holding on to in the mean time... This was my family Christmas 2008. And here is my family Superbowl Sunday 2010...


  1. Just wanted to encourage you to not give up. All those suggestions that they gave you at WW will definitely work.

    I was on a plateau for several weeks. Then, three days after I cut out all sugar, and white flour and upped my protein and started eating whole foods, I lost four pounds.

    I lost another two pounds a few weeks after that. Also my body fat has been decreasing as well.

    It's definitely something to try. You also might be surprised with how much you like the whole foods. I love all the whole foods.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Don't give up! I went through that a while back and am now struggling with my "I don't really care anymore" attitude. Bravo to you for using your pictures for inspiration--you are doing a FANTASTIC job! Look at how far you have come already!! :) Way to go!! :)

  3. I think giving up the processed stuff is a good idea. But have some from time to time or you will probably have "healthy-diet-overload." I know that happens to me.