Thursday, February 18, 2010

Success! and Clean Eating

Stuck in Plateau-ville and growing frustrated, NO More! My leader suggested that I stop eating the WW bars, FiberPlus bars and other packaged foods for a week and see if that helped.

I did. I focused on "clean eating" for one week and am happy to report that it worked! I lost 4.4lbs even though we ate out 4 times last week! I still picked carefully on the menus, but WOW!

Maybe those health nuts who eat almond butter and oatmeal and fresh fruit and veggies actually do know what they are talking about? I'm trying it again this week and we will see what happens!

I even picked up "The Clean Eating Diet" book at Wal-Mart to get some new ideas. Still counting points though...WW has helped me lose over 50lbs, so I'm not giving that up either!

They also have a clean eating magazine that I'm going to check out!

Anyone else do the clean eating thing?

Thanks to Let Ideas Compete on for the photo!


  1. Remember that's how our ancestors ate for thousands of years, and they were very fit and healthy. It's only in the past fifty years that packaged foods, food additives, coloring, preservatives, etc have entered the mainstream diet. Our bodies don't know how to digest that stuff.
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  2. This is the first time I've read your blog. (I actually looked at mine and saw you were following it!)

    Congrats on the loss. That is fantastic!

  3. Hi,
    I just got your comment that you left on my page and wanted to come over and say thank you. WOW, your weightloss is awesome. I read a little of your blog and I'm impressed with your hard work and accomplishments.
    I've been needing a mojo boost the last few days. My eating...well, lets just say I may see the effects when I weigh-in tommorow morning, lol....
    I, too, have to fight off the boys and the hubby to play MY Wii games, lol. I made the mistake of buying the hubby a BASS fishing game...and now I can't get him off it. I guess though at least this way...he can fish from the comfort of our couch....haha.
    I hope that we can keep in touch and keep motivating each other. I added myself as a follower to your page.
    Will chat soon... may not receive blog alerts for my pages because I will be "editing" the single entry on each page with updates rather than adding new entries, so you may want to consider bookmarking my page.