Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Losing it again!

I can officially say that I have earned my 50lb weight back! Total WW loss is 50.8 lbs. Total loss 80lbs! I am thrilled! I weigh less now than I weighed in high school!

Well, I did go to the doctor about my knee. As it happens, my knee was feeling fine when I went, but I did tell her how it was feeling. She did a though exam, was able to hear the grinding noise. She was concerned about my weight loss, but I assured her that it was intentional. Strangely enough, she acted like she was surprised that a person could lose 80 lbs in a year's time. She did blood tests for both my insulin resistance and arthritis. The blood work came back great except for the sed rate was too high (35). Based on my sed rate, she did some further testing that came back ok.

My insulin level which was 29 two years ago is now 10.2! My A1C was 5.2 which is well within normal levels.

Anyway, she didn't have any suggestions for my knee other than take Naproxy Sodium or Ibuprofen. Oh well...

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  1. WAY TO GO!!! That's so awesome! I start my nutrition class tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can say I'm down 80 pounds in one year's time as well! You're awesome. Keep it up!