Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another gain, will this ever stop?

Yup, after hitting my 50lb loss, I have gained 3 lbs of it back. I know I haven't been totally behaving myself, but still it is frustrating since I have really kicked up the exercise routine in the past couple of weeks. But I will not quit! Onward, I go!

Another disappointment this week is the 5K that I signed up for on Saturday. I signed up with my sister and a friend, but the weather has turned dangerously cold and is not expected to ease up until after Sunday. So, it looks like my group is not going to participate.

I also found out today that I have degenerative arthritis in my right knee and possibly a torn ligament. The doctor didn't seem concerned about it and told me that while I shouldn't run, walking the 5K would be fine. Since I have been running recently as part of the Wii Active 30 day challenge, I may have been causing more damage to my knee. She gave me some exercises to work on to build the strength in my legs. I'm hoping to get this knee out of pain, so I can do another 5K soon.


  1. Oh my gosh, sorry things are looking so down. Please don't get discouraged. You will kick that scale in the butt in no time. Looks like your just in a rut.

    I understand about the cold too. . . it snowed 12 inches here! *eek!* There will be another 5k to look forward too, I promise.

    And your knee, I am so sorry to hear this. I've been doing the EA Sports Active game and the running nearly did me in today. Is there an indoor pool you could swim around in, near you? Maybe that would help with the knee pain?!

    I'm here for you. Please keep your head up!


  2. I'm so sorry about your knee. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and can't run either (instructed by a physical therapist.)I hope that you'll do the strengthening exercises on a regular basis. They really helped me. With about 4-6 weeks of regular strength training and stretching, I was able to see really good results.

    Do you have access to a pool? That is also easy on the knees.

  3. Don't get down about the gain...that means that you still have a BIG loss. Hope your knee feel better soon. Keep fighting, you can do it.

  4. I've nominated you for a blog award. Please come by and check it out. :)