Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yay!!! 50 lbs!!!!

I hit it on the dot!!! 50lbs! Gone!!! WooHoo!!!

The subject of our meeting was toot your own horn, so I'm tooting!!! I'm also wearing my 25lb ring/weight thing and 50lb. ring/weight thing on a necklace. Too much??? I don't know....But they sure are pretty!!!

We had a great meeting today. We had a new leader who was great only to find out that she won't be with us in the new year due to childcare conflicts. So, we will have to break in another person in January.

The highlight of the day came from my 3 year old who attended the meeting with me. She was telling her aunt about her day and was asked what the WW meeting was about. She said, "I don't know, but they talked about their toots." LOL

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  1. Lori Ann- I have to say congrats for hitting your 50! That's fantastic! They gave you a ring? I never saw that. When I hit my 50 we got magnets. I guess they changed the rewards. Regardless, you *should* toot your own horn, that's great! Happy Holidays :)