Friday, December 25, 2009

Starting Over Again!

I quit Weight Watchers!  Yup! I lost 50 pounds and quit yesterday. Yup, I have over 100 more pounds that I need to lose, but I quit. Nope, I didn't cancel my membership and I didn't tell my leader that I was quitting, but I quit.

The good news is....I'm starting over today! I think when a person has over 25lbs to lose that is what they need to do. They need to reach a goal and celebrate their success. Tell themselves, "WooHoo! You did it, now you can quit!" Then start back up the next day, knowing that they succeeded at losing 25 lbs before and they can do it again!

When I look at my weight and think about the monumental task at hand, I can't help but be frustrated. How can I possibly lose a total of 189 lbs...and that will just get me to #150. Which while that is in the "healthy BMI range" and will qualify me for Lifetime membership, it is at the upper levels of the range. I can tell myself, "WooHoo! You have lost 50lbs on WW and a total of 79lbs!" But there is always a "but". But you need to lose 110 more! But you still aren't there yet. But you have never been below 180 lbs since puberty!

I'm tired of the Buts and I'm tired of my butt, but that is off topic....So, I quit!

And I am restarting again; focusing on the next 8lbs which will be another 10% off and ultimately the next 25lbs!

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