Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Real Food!

I love that with Weight Watcher's I can eat real food as opposed to boxed meals that some other plans require. Sure prepackaged meals are great for portion control and convenience, but I like real food. For example, this weekend I went on a ladies beach retreat. We ate out on Thursday night and Saturday lunch, but the rest of the time the meals were prepared by different ladies in the condo. If I had to eat boxed food while everyone else ate the meals prepared for us, I would have been a very unhappy woman. I blew through my weekly points over the weekend, I'm sure, but I also know that I got a good walk in on the beach both days we were down there. I did watch my portions though and tried to eat the healthy options, but Saturday we ate at Lambert's Cafe and I ate until I was miserable! I mostly ate the vegetables and took the chicken home as you can see from the picture. They give you a whole breast, but do cook it without the skin which is great! I had chicken salad made of the side that I had eaten off. I'm not sure what to do with the other half, maybe quesadillas today for lunch? Next time I go to Lamberts, I'm ordering the Veggie plate. It is a choice of 4 veggies/side items plus all the rolls and "pass arounds" you can eat. Honestly, the chicken wasn't that good; the green beans, cucumber and onions, fried potatoes, cabbage and fried okra were much better than the meat.  If you like country/southern cooking, Lambert's is the place to go! We will see Wednesday how it all went.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Wednesday is my WI day, too. Good luck to you and yea for real food! :)