Friday, October 9, 2009

Got a Gas Grill! Grilled Chicken Leftovers?

Ok, I'm totally frugal and this post may really bother some folks, but I'm going to make a confession and it isn't even "Not Me, Monday!" I have been wanting to get a gas grill for some time and have been looking on Craigslist and in the stores for one to go on sale. It seems like every time I find one for a decent price, we don't have the money at the time. So, a few weeks ago while out on a bike ride with my little Butterbean, I noticed that the neighbor up the street had put a stainless steel gas grill out for the trash. I went home and told my husband, who knows that I am not ashamed to pick up other folks discarded treasures. He was unmoved. I think his exact words were, "You don't even know if it works." Well, my dear friend and fellow treasure hunter, Pam, happened to stop by the house that night. I told her about the grill, and she agreed that we just had to run up the street and bring it home. Yes, we did some late night curb shopping. Yes, we rolled it down the street right past the Sheriff's patrol car that was parked in front of the house next door. Yes, I cleaned it up really well, and it sat there for a couple more weeks waiting for me to get some propane to test it out. I know some of you would never stoop so low as to take a gas grill off of the street, but I figure that I'm just doing my part to keep it out of a landfill...Yeah! That sounds good! I'm environmentally conservative, green and all those other buzz words that are being used today. I'm not cheap. Okay, yes, I am, but still...

Tuesday night, Pam loaned me one of her tanks which  I took and filled up on Wednesday. My hubby helped me set up the tank and I tested her out by grilling up some hamburgers for my stepson and chicken breasts for my lunch today. It works!!! Tonight we at grilled chicken! I made three breasts, one for supper and two for leftovers for me and thighs for everyone else. I cooked the thighs with the skins on them and then pulled them off at the last minute to put BBQ sauce directly on the meat. I dropped the skins on the ground for our dog, but I think the chickens may have gotten more than the dog did.

On Sunday, I'm going to get my husband out there cooking hamburgers and hot dogs. I wonder how my turkey burger will taste grilled?
I'm so excited, because I love grilled food. I love having grilled chicken, because it is so useful! I'm planning on making chicken quesadillas tomorrow for lunch. I ate grilled chicken salad today.  We could do grilled chicken on our Weight Watcher's Alfredo or chicken fried rice. I love chicken salad, but am not too keen on using mayo, even the light kind. My husband isn't big on casseroles, but I could do a pot pie for him. How do you use your leftover grilled chicken? Any great recipe?


  1. What a great gift God left you...for free. I did that once. I made my husband pick up some play set for the kids, and we still use it and the kids love it. My dad used to go "curb shopping" all the time. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, in our town, people have mastered it as a fine art and you can't leave anything "good" out there for more than 24 hours before it's gone.

    Oh. That monkey's gone. Thanks!

  2. Are you kidding! I would so do that! Yeah, a grill noone wanted given to someone who has wanted one! Perfect gift! Hope you get lots of use out of it!