Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Check-in

It has been a crazy week. I didn't lose any weight at my Wednesday Weigh-in, so I was kind of bummed about that since I had earned 19 activity points; then again, I didn't gain any either, so that is good. Wednesday, I attended a property tax meeting to protest raising the millage for the local fire station. There was a pretty good crowd for a 5:30pm meeting there to protest the millage increase, but they did it anyway. Scary thing was our local area has 3 fire stations each contains 5-6 different pieces of equipment, but only 1-3 people are on duty at each fire station at one time. It doesn't compute! Why have all that equipment if you have no one to operate it? I also attended an altered journal workshop at the library that evening. This was really cool. Our teacher, Anna Marie, was very informative. She is one of those literary/artistic people that works in a book store. Just a really cool evening, I had out with a friend. I love doing mixed media art and have wanted to do some altered journal/books, but time and supplies are limited. Also, Glenn Beck has been encouraging his listeners to get a Moleskin and keep a journal about what America was like in our day and time. While I would love to buy a real Moleskine, I opted to use a sketch book that I already had and a less expensive journal that I purchased recently at Barnes and Noble. I decided to take the time and work on one. I will post pictures as they progress.

Thursday, I was able to have a pretty normal day with a 40 minute walk on the Trace, but I was feeling a little out of sorts. Well Friday, I found out why. I ended up sick and in bed Friday evening and Saturday.

Sunday, we had church and then a wedding and more church, so no walk and no down time. Monday was a comedy of errors too. My husband's battery died and I had to go to Covington to help him get a new one. We ended up eating at McDonald's inside Wal-Mart. Has anyone noticed how expensive McDonald's is getting? Sure, I can order off the dollar menu, but everything else has sky-rocketed in price when I think about the nutritional value of it. Maybe it is just me, but if I'm going to spend $15 for the three of us to eat, I'm better off cooking for myself. We can have steak for less than $15. Last night was just horrible. Butterbean has come down with a cold. She started out in her bed, but came to ours around midnight. She spent the night sniffling, crying and kicking. Alan finally gave up sleeping in the bed with us and went to the living room. We got up this morning and went to work where I attempted to keep the yellow snot off of her, me and the office equipment. The pastor let me leave early, so I could get her home and in bed after watching her cling to me. I'm driving home after just telling Butterbean's grandma that no I won't be taking her to the doctor, because they probably won't do anything for her anyway when a news report comes on about the Swine Flu vaccine that will be coming out soon. So now, I am wondering if I should take her to the doctor? What is a mom to do? No fever yet, so I'm waiting on spending the co-pay only to be told that can't do anything for her.

So, tomorrow, we will see if I get my next 5lb. star. That will take me to 35 lbs lost at WW and total 64 lbs. People have been asking for progress pics, so here is one taken on August 3, 2009. This is my 5k Summer Beach Run tank which is an XL size, the biggest that they had. I'll try to remember to take another picture on September 3rd with the same shirt and hopefully, we will see some progress.

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