Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The BEST Valentine's Day Gift Ever!

I got the best gift today! A pathology report from my surgeon that says NO CANCER! According to the report, I have acute and chronic mastitis with microabcess formation. I may still need surgery to clear it up, but we are starting with an antibiotic. Hopefully, it will clear itself up in a couple of days and things will be back to normal. Sadly, when I took the antibiotic today, it only ticked off my breast even more! It is redder and has shooting pains through it. Blah! I would post a picture to show you, but....this is my breast and I really don't want to share that with the world! Thank you for your prayers!

I do want to let folks know about inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). It does not always show up on a mammogram. It may or may not present with a lump. It could just look like a rash or dry patch of skin on your breast.  IBC is rare, but aggressive and deadly. If you suspect any changes in your breast, call your doctor! Don't shrug it off! It could just be mastitis, but it could be something more. For more information on Inflammatory Breast Cancer visit the IBC Research Center's website.  Keep checking your boobies!


  1. Yea! Yea! Yea!!!!!! I am so happy to hear this!!! Ill be praying that the antibiotic works and that no surgery is needed. :)

  2. YAY!! I literally just jumped up and down for you! I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering if you had heard anything more.
    Prayers that the meds work and you're bad to yourself in no time!