Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Breast Update with a TMI warning!

I have a strict No Boobies on the internet policy, so you will have to enjoy a picture of the flowers that my friend sent me! Thanks Maegan!

Well folks, I am almost positive that the mastitis is going away! I did have the surgery which left me out of the loop for the past week, but things are looking better. I do not like being knocked out and then drugged. My poor husband has been a doll! The night after the surgery, he cooked me some yellow rice which normally I love. Sadly, when he brought it and put it in front of me, I pushed it away and puked in the kitchen trash can. Hubby doesn't deal well with puke, but he was my hero. He cleaned it up. I tried eating a piece of bread with my medicine a few hours later. Once again, it came up. Poor guy was on puke duty once again! The next day the doctor prescribed me something for my tummy.

Changing the dressing has been another adventure. Hubby is not up for that! He won't look at it. I have a drain and an open in incision that has to be "packed" daily. The first day, Mom came down and helped me change it, but after that I was able to do it. My daughter walked in the bathroom and saw me changing my bandages the other day and declared it "GROSS!" I have to agree!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my surgeon. He will have the results of the latest biopsies and hopefully will be removing the drain and stitches! Wish me luck!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog about our house.

    I will be saying some prayers for you concerning your test. My mom is a breast cancer survivor.. we like to say she 'kicked it's butt'.. LOL.

    Blessings dear bloggy friend..