Friday, July 31, 2009

Sorry for not posting on Weigh In Day

I was really busy and kind of down. I only lost.2lbs this week which really makes me wonder if I'm not measuring my portions correctly or if I'm not eating enough with all the extra walking I have been doing to get ready for tomorrow. I know I have been putting in the effort, so I'm thinking it is the extra exercise. So this week I am tracking very carefully and using up my bonus points. I was going to try the Wendy method, but I blew it already. The Wendy method is as follows:

Day 1 Eat daily points plus 5 bonus
Day 2 Eat daily points plus 1 bonus
Day 3 Eat daily points plus 15 bonus
Day 4 Eat daily points plus 0 bonus
Day 5 Eat daily points plus 4 bonus
Day 6 Eat daily points plus 2 bonus
Day 7 Eat daily points plus 0 bonus

Today is supposed to be my 15 bonus point day, but I ate 14 bonus points on Wednesday at El Rey in Slidell. Yum! I was starving after walking three miles and knew I was going out to dinner that I didn't get a snack. Big mistake! I know better! When the waiter brought the basket of chips and salsa, I dug in. I did order the fajita salad which is one of their lightest choices on the menu, but I know I ate more than my fair share of chips. Alan even said so.

I ate 4 bonus points yesterday. So, I think I'm going to behave myself today and enjoy a small Blizzard tomorrow after the 5k.

Eat your Veggies!


  1. Hi there! I just wanted to stop by and encourage you on your journey! Good for you in taking charge of your health!

    You know it's not an easy path, but you can do it. I started just a few pounds under where you did, and I had success. You can too!

  2. Thanks Diane! I love your site too. You have had amazing progress!