Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't take moldy bread!

Then the men of Israel took some of their provisions; but they did not ask the counsel of the Lord. Joshua 9:14

At Bible study this week, we were reading Joshua chapter nine when this verse jumped out at me. Joshua is an account of the children of Israel’s trip into the Promised Land, and the battles that they had to fight to take the land. Now, I would think that if God had brought my family out of Egypt, allowed us to cross the Red Sea on dry land, fed us manna, gave us water from a rock twice, led us by a pillar of clouds and fire or one of the other 32 miracles of Moses, I would have faith in God to spare, but then again we so easily forget the provisions that God provides for us. In the story of Joshua, the children of Israel fight mighty battles with God’s help then fall into sin. God forgives them or tells Joshua to stone the sinner as in the case of Achan (Joshua 7).

In Joshua chapter 9, the men of one of the neighboring cities, Gibeon a city that Joshua has been told to destroy, came to Joshua in disguise and asked for a treaty. The men of Gibeon lied to Joshua and told them that they came from far away. They showed Joshua moldy bread and said it was fresh when they left for their journey. They showed Joshua their worn out shoes and clothes and begged for mercy.

Joshua and the other men of Israel took the bread and agreed upon the treaty; but they didn’t seek God’s counsel. They forgot to pray! They accepted the word of these men; they looked at the evidence and made a life altering decision.
How often do we take moldy bread for evidence and accept it as fact? Do we believe the lies that the world tells us and bring the enemy into our camp? Do we forget the promises of God?

As you face the challenges of life today, are you seeking the counsel of the Lord or are you falling for the lies that the world tells you? Is someone feeding you moldy bread? Remember the miracles of your forefathers and seek God’s counsel. He will lead you to the Promised Land.

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