Monday, August 15, 2011

A Sunday School Challenge turns into....

These are going to Aunt T.
Butterflies are made with copper.
The paper was hand marbled.
My daughter was given a dollar in children's church and asked to invest it and bring back the return on the investment like the parable of the talents. Well, we had invested in some garage sale art supplies the day before, so we decided that her investment would be what was spent at the garage sale. I contacted her aunt and uncle and asked if they would be willing to buy some art from their favorite (only) niece. They both agreed. :-) So, my little princess and I set about working on creating some original art to sell. Since my sister loves to write and send cards, we decided to make her a set of blank cards that she could buy.  We made 2 sets, because we didn't know exactly what she would want. She decided to buy the set with the flowers, so the other set is going to be put up on eBay! Here's what we came up with!
I was going for a more abstract look, but the little princess made butterflies out of the copper mesh and wires. I think they are very cute, but may not be very good for mailing! She had a great time!

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