Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strike It Rich With Pocket Change by Ken Potter and Brian Allens

Have you ever picked up a book thinking it was one thing, only to find out it was something totally different? Yeah, reading subtitles is important! Maybe I have been too focused on saving money lately that I ordered this book without reading the subtitle, but I was pleasantly surprised.

They say:
In late 2007 a collector found a double die cast 1969 Lincoln cent piece in a plain brown roll of coins. That penny was auctioned in early January 2008 for $126,500.00. To the untrained eye, that penny might look no different than any other. But in their concise and informative book, Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen give you all the tools you need to spot mint errors and turn small coins - ones you may have in your pocket right now, or that big glass jug at home - into big cash. They distill their years of collecting experience into simple chapters like 'Age Does Not Equal Value', 'Tools of the Trade', and 'Where to Sell Your Coins' that show you step-by-step how to spot and sell these treasures.

My take:
While not all error coins will bring big money, it might be worth a second look at the coins in that coin jar. Potter and Allen have filled this book with lots of photos and examples of what to look for in error coins. They give you specific directions on how to store and care for your coins. What amazed me was that the coins that are in this current book aren't ancient coins that my mom has tucked away in her safe deposit box, but coins that were struck in my lifetime. They also deal with the myths of coin collecting like all those wheat-backs that Mom hoards! Sorry, Mom!  While I don't expect to be buying a magnifying glass and scanning my coins before using them, I might take a second look now and then.

Check out this book! You might be surprised by what you learn about that jingle in your pocket!

I received this book FREE via Booksneeze for the purpose of this review, and no other monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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