Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lost 2.6 lbs, but. . .

Since I gained 3.4 last week, I'm still up by .8 lbs. Funny thing was...even though I lost 2.6, the WW lady who weighed me in didn't say anything but, "OK, I got you." I had to grab my book and look at it to see what had happened on the scale! I was so scared that I had another gain. That is what they do when you gain. They say, "I got you." or "OK, you can get down." When you lose, this lady in particular normally gives a thumbs up and tells you how much you are down.She is normally much more positive.

Granted, I know I'm still at a net gain over the past 2 weeks, but hey...I still LOST! I'm proud of my loss too! Sure, I have a net gain for 2 weeks, but let's look at the past:

4 Weeks - loss of 3 lbs.

12 Weeks - loss of 8 lbs.

24 Weeks - loss of 25.6 lbs.

Since starting WW in March - 44.8 lbs.

Since starting my weight loss journey - 73.8 lbs. And that is based on their scale...mine says that I have lost 77 lbs.

I have gotten back on the horse! I have picked myself up and am focused on my goal. I'm going to do this! I set a goal of 10 lbs by Thanksgiving. I am currently 4.8 down with 5.2 lbs to go. I have 2 weeks. I am NOT giving up! I can do this! I will do this. Honestly, I just have to keep the same 2.6 lb loss that I had this week.

The other thing is that I do just what I think she was doing. I tell myself, "Sure, you lost 2.6 lbs this week, but you gained 3.4 last week." I rob myself of the success of the loss, because I'm still focused on the gain. Sure, I tell myself that I have let go of the "failure" of the gain, but then when I have a success, I don't really feel like I can celebrate it, because I'm still behind where I was two weeks ago. It is really stupid of me. I'm still ahead of where I was one year, two years, ten years, even twenty years ago, so today I vow not to beat myself up about it. I vow to keep things in perspective and focus on the future.

I'm sorry that the WW lady wasn't thrilled with my loss, but I am!

Also, here's my November progress photo. Note the little princess in the photo blowing up a swimming float! I'm not seeing a huge difference month to month, but the progress photos really help me see it.

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  1. You really do have to keep your focus on your long-term (life time) goal.. I don't mean w.w. life time, I mean your life. And you are doing great at that! Just keep on keeping on!