Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The water fountain at the office isn’t plugged in to the outlet. We have been in this office building for almost a year now, and the water fountain has never been plugged in to the outlet. I don’t know if the water fountain works if it were plugged in, or if it is unplugged because it doesn’t work at all. Maybe the owners of the office building are saving electricity or maybe the water fountain makes too much noise for the people in the office close to it when it is plugged in. Maybe someone in the offices in our building likes their water lukewarm or maybe the one of the custodians unplugged the water fountain to plug in their vacuum and just forgot to plug back in the water fountain. I like my water cold, so the water fountain has been a mystery to me for many months. I always wonder if I should plug it in to see if it works, but I’m a coward and never do. I just drink lukewarm water and wait for the day when we will be moving into our new offices.
People are like that water fountain. We pass them everyday; they serve us at our favorite restraint or grocery store. They live in our neighborhoods and subdivisions, but do we wonder if their spiritual life is plugged in to the Power Source of God? Do we stop to see if their spiritual life is working or broken. Or are we just cowards and wait to see if they happen to show up to church on Sunday? Our church is great at ministering to people when they come to church, but I want to issue a challenge to “plug in” the people you touch everyday in your life. We don’t have to drink lukewarm water. Maybe I should plug in the water fountain!


  1. Powerful Lori! Yeah, plug that fountain in!I need to plug mine in too!