Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lizard Spit

Well my doctor checked my insulin level last week at my annual exam and found that it was 3 times the normal amount. She said that my blood sugar was perfect and that I am not diabetic, but I have a condition called insulin resistance which has caused me to gain weight and not been able to lose it. She said that I probably have been IR my entire life, but no other doctor has tested my insulin level, so I have never been treated.

That has changed! Dr. Cherry, my gyn...yup Mary Cherry is her name... has put me on lizard spit, aka Byetta. Byetta is an injected medicine, so that really weirded me out.

How am I going to inject myself twice a day?

Well, I decided to start the Byetta on Friday. I got the needle on the pen and cleaned the spot. Then, I took a deep breath and prepared to stick myself.

I came within millimeters of actually hitting skin several times. I ended up breathing heavy...Ok, Ok, I can do this! Ellie is watching me with a strange wonder. I look away for a moment to see what she is doing and drop my hand. I hit my stomach with the needle and panic, yanking the needle from my flesh. In my panic, I am not sure if I really stuck myself or not, then I see a drop of blood. Yup, I stuck myself, but I didn't actually inject the medicine. Now, I have to poke myself again, but I realize that if I didn't feel it the first time, I wouldn't feel it when I did it again.

So, in went the needle, push the button and count to five. My first shot was done. Hmmm that was actually not as bad as I had made it out to be. I can do this! The thought of injecting myself with medicine twice a day was worse than actually doing.

Isn't that true with a lot of things in life? If we would just step up and do what needed to be done instead of mulling over it for days a weeks, we would free ourselves from a lot of undue mental suffering.

Later on that day, I saw Ellie with an ink pen pretending to stick herself in the stomach. I know that she just wants to be like Mommy, but we will have to have a chat one day about why Mommy does that and why she shouldn't. Gotta love her!

Go lizard spit!

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  1. I can relate to that dilemma! Your right, once you do it a couple of times your an old hat at it!! You really begin to appreciate it when it begins working too!!