Sunday, January 27, 2008

I need You more

I need You more lyrics by Lindell Cooley and Bruce Haynes
I need you more, more than yesterday
I need you more, more than words can say
I need you more, than ever before
I need you Lord, I need you Lord

More than the air I breath
More than the song I sing
More than the next heartbeat
More than anything and Lord as time goes by
I'll be by your side
Cause I never want to go back to my old life

Our word for the day is Zamar, meaning to praise God with music and Instruments. I really struggled with this this word, because it is such a familiar thing to me. I have been involved in music for most of my life. Music is more than just something that we do to start the service. It is our opportunity to meet with God one on one.

Last Sunday, as we stood there and sang “I Need You More”, I was overcome with emotions. My desire is for more of God's presence in my life, more power, more peace, more grace. God desires to give us this. He wants us to desire more of Him. But then we learned about the connection between our relationship with Christ and how much revelation He gives us, and I realized that not only do I have to desire more from Christ, but I have to do more too. You see God doesn't just want us to desire Him and His power, we have to be willing to be more for Him. For years, I struggled with paying my tithe, that 10% that the Bible says is God's. The Bible says that I was stealing from God when I didn't trust Him enough to give Him what was His already. I learned though that if I can't live on 90% then I won't be able to live on the 100% either. But I have come to the realization that God doesn't just want the tithe. It is already His. He wants me to have a giving heart, to give more. He wants not just 10% of my time; He wants to be Lord of it all. God's desire is to fill our daily lives 100% of the time with Him. He wants to go to school or work with you. He wants to go shopping with you. He wants to have dinner with your family
If we want more from God, why do we think then that all we have to give is our 10%? Don't limit God with 10%. Give it all to Him and see how much MORE He has for you.

“Praise the Lord with harp; sing [zamar] unto Him
with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings.”
Psalms 33:2

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