Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Money Secrets of the Amish

When I asked for this book, I was thinking it might tell me to go off the power grid and start canning my own food that I grow. Well, since I'm a blogger and manage a web-based business, going off the grid was out and my small garden doesn't provide enough to survive on all year.

But that wasn't what this book was about at all! Money Secrets of the Amish is practical advice for the everyday "Englisher" (anyone not Amish). Use it up! Wear it out! Make do! Or Do without! De-spoil the kids! Don't Eat the Marshmallow! Shopping second-hand! Things we all know, but need to relearn and put into practice more often.

My favorite idea is in the chapter on Rethinking Gifts. The author, while not willing to go completely Amish in gift-giving, implements the principal of the three wise men: "We each get something we want, something we need and a surprise!" What a great way to curb the gimme's during the holiday!

Some books, I read once and then pass along, but Money Secrets of the Amish is one book that will be used as a reference in the future!

I received this book FREE via Booksneeze for the purpose of this review, and no other monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. Oh, that sounds like a book I would love to read!