Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weight Loss/Gain Update

Ok, so, I've fallen off the weight loss wagon and am having a terrible time getting back on board. It all started with a plateau back in April/May. I got stuck. Ok, I got tired of fighting the battle. I got tired of telling my flesh, "No!" I was just tired. In June, my WW leader attended a spiritual retreat and came back feeling that God wanted her to quit leading WW's. This did not help my desire to give-up on WW's. I have spent over a year and $640 in membership fees at WW's. I was tired of it all. So, when my leader quit, I quit. Sure, she and I promised to keep in touch, continue to encourage one another, and check-in...It hasn't happened. She went back to school and I got busy with life in general.

So, I have blown it lately. I have gained 15lbs. and stopped exercising. In my defense, it is really hot down here in Louisiana and I have been battling with my asthma lately. Honestly, it is no excuse. I know how much chocolate has passed through my lips lately. I know how many times I could have picked up the free weights and worked out. I also know that it wouldn't kill me to walk around the block a few times.

So, here I am confessing to you all. I don't have the money to do WW's any more. My doctor told me that I really need to be doing The Insulin Resistance Diet instead. I have bought the book and read most of it, but I'm having trouble with starting it. Part of me feels like if I flunked out of WW's, how can I expect that I will ever succeed at the IR diet? Anyway, I'm going to do it. I think that I need to pull out the log book though and keep tabs on just what I eat too. I need some accountability in this area.

I have searched for blogs and info about it, but am not finding much. 3FatChicks has a HUGE forum post about it, but I'm way too ADHD to read the whole thing.
Anyone tried the Insulin Resistance Diet?


  1. I so know what you are going through!!!! My WW leader, who I loved, quit, too. I kept up with it for a little longer and got within nine pounds of my goal weight. Since last Thanksgiving I have gained 32 pounds back and feel like a total failure. I started exercising on the Wii again and like it but I am having such a hard time with not over-eating. I have no motivation to write down everything I eat which really, really works for me. I keep telling myself that I will do it...tomorrow. Tomorrow needs to become today.

  2. ps--I'm glad to see you back. Yours is one of the blogs I follow and I was getting worried about you.