Sunday, September 7, 2008

Louisiana hurricane evacuation routes!

It has been a while since I last blogged. We had to evacuate to Plano, Texas which is where my husband's company sends us when they evacuate. Thankfully, Gustav was not a Katrina and we are home again. No major damage here! The worst part was cleaning out the fridge and freezer. I hated throwing away hundreds of dollars of food, but I'm not a gambling woman when it comes to food poisoning my family.

Along our evacuation, we followed the evacuation route signs like good little evacuees and ended up lost! So I decided, before Ike makes it into the Gulf, I'm going to google various routes and put them up on my blog. Maybe this will help others as they plan to evacuate.

This one I would love to travel, but I'm pretty sure my huband will veto. He doesn't really like going off the interstate. I love back roads though, so here it is.

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This is the all interstate route. Most people know that anyone planing to evacuate on these roads will end up stuck in traffic for hours.

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This was our original plan, but we ended up getting off of I-59 in favor of Hwy 11. This was a good route, but I-59 will be crowded and contra-flow will end in MS way too soon.

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This was the route that we took home. We were able to bypass Jackson, MS. I highly suggest taking Hwy 27 in MS if you like scenic routes! The countryside in Mississippi is beautiful!

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Hope this helps others in the future! I'm sure I'll be looking back at it next time I need to evacuate!

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  1. Which may be sooner than you'd like thanks to Ike!