Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fear Not. . .

I was recently challenged to do a scrapbook page on my greatest fear and what they Bible says about fear. I did the page and listed my greatest fears and when I was satisfied with my accomplishment, I submitted the page. My greatest fears were:
  1. Losing my family

  2. Financial problems

  3. Not having my entire family in Heaven

  4. People not liking me

But then as I was sitting in church Sunday afternoon, God convicted me that I had not been honest with myself about my fears. My greatest fear is that I'm not good enough. I'm not a good enough wife; I'm not a good enough mother; I'm not a good enough friend, employee, or whatever. But most of all I am afraid that I'm not a good enough Christian. As I stood with outstretched hands toward Heaven singing, "In Your presence, I find peace, in Your presence, I find healing . . ." there was this still, small voice speaking to my heart. "No, you will never be good enough." Now for most folks, that might not seem very uplifting. "You don't have to be good enough, because I sent my Son to satisfy your failures. My grace is sufficient. My Son is better than good enough and I love you." In that moment, I stood in the presence of my Heavenly Father and basked in His love and peace. My prayer is that I won't forget this lesson and that with His help, I can give Him my fears.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your fears! I knew about one or two of them from our times together. I am glad that you chose that subject to write for my thoughts!