Friday, March 22, 2013

I have yet another Purex review...

One of my biggest complaints about Purex has always been that they don't smell as much as or as nice as the more expensive brands. Well, Purex is starting to work one that with Purex with Crystals. They sent me a bottle free and some coupons to share in exchange for my honest opinion. I must say that this version of Purex is much nicer than anything that I have used before.

My daughter and her best friend found some cat or dog poop in her room and decided to play a trick on me. They put the poop in my bed and told me that the cat had done it. While I wouldn't put it past that crazy cat to do something like that...I knew that she was not capable of smoothing out the covers as nicely as they were put back on the bed and dried poop! Needless to say, that night I was up late washing my bedding in Purex with  Crystals! It smelled great! Want to try it? Leave me a comment and I will pick a winner and 3 days!

Congratulations! Mel! You win!